We don't speak too much these days
That is to say we Haven't talked for years
So some things move when others stay
No one said we were wise beyond out years

So let's go downstairs,
just like we did at your birthday party

some thing remain to be undone
the goal posts are always moving don't you think
You said "you're my number one"
You said "living on the west coast really stinks

So lets go hide out and laugh
just like we did at your birthday party
We'll drink away those doubts
and swallow every pill that left you smarting

The pheonix, the telephone; a back handed apology
I know what I said to you
and I know how it feel to be half way wrong

There's one more candle left to light
of Second chances or the ghosts of days gone by
A flash of incandescent light
Just like the ones that you blew out, they don't go out

So let's go downstairs j
ust like we did at your birthday party
So let's go downstairs
just like we did, yeah like we did

It always ends up there
between the lines where everything started

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