I don't believe in things
If they believe in me
I'm through with sympathy
Erase it. Displace it
You know that shit don't work
Why don't you face it?

Dark horse...always a strange daze away
I soar like a satellite
And then I crash and burn
Your sisterly consern
Is misspent
I'm absent
Would someone tell me where the hell the time went.
Dark horse...only a stoned throw away

You're the last to feel the shadows falling
A haze, a thought mislaid
A punchline that misfired

Always the first to hear the sirens calling
I've never been so wired
I've never been so tired

No amount of blue remorse
Could slake that wicked thirst
When I put my devil's first
And miscued
You lived through
The lies i only told you when my lips moved

Dark horse...always a strange daze away
Only a strange daze away
The Fall of those strange days...

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