I had a clear prophetic dream:
Subconscious, slow-mo, jump cut, small town murder scene
Inside a warm aterial glow
I heard the Fembots on the radio

....And then the riot
....And then the riot
exploding stars and crashing cars like sentinels

Its the famous final laugh
It's the much maligned historic epigraph
Like a dreaming embryo
Like a Time Bomb underneath the snow
(you'll never know when she'll blow)

First the quiet and then the riot
A simple choice, a simple voice, a clarion

They first defy it and then the riot
Emits a sound that's understood by everyone

We could while away the days togeth
ignore the victims on the wall
Or we could man this barricade togeth
And warn the world "No Pasaron!"

Like a shudder from the ocean floor
A sudden stutter in the Status Quo
First the the wave and then the undertow
...and then the riot

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