funny where it started
i met you in the cinema
i was on my own
and you had a little time to waste

i didn't like the movie
but you thought it was quite fun
and it made you cry
cause in the end they shoot the handsome guy
and it made you cry
and that's the reason why i stayed a while

and then
we felt kind of insatiable that night
and that's why
everything felt incredible and right
when you asked me to stay and
to share it all with you

funny where we stranded
we sat on your kitchen floor
the whole night long
i hardly even talked a word

you told me all your secrets
it seemed to me, you have a lot
but you were always right
and thats the reason why i stayed that night

i'm glad that you remember
i'm glad that you could make me stay
you showed me more than
anyone could ever tell

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