these sounds always make me think about you
how we played that one song all night long for us two
now i can't listen to that record no more
'cause it stirs me up too much

these sounds always keep me longing for you
about those few weeks that i had spent with you
but today i don't ring your number no more
'cause you won't be home for me

i wish i wish i wish that i could
leave it now behind
i wish i wish i wish i could live
my life without you again

won't you leave me now alone
i wouldn't mind

these sounds make my days brighter and warm
they bring back tiny little pieces of you
but they just last for a minute or so
and then they disappear

and so i don't mind how far away that you are
cause i found that way to get you back here somehow
i must be a person that you can't understand
'cause i take these things so hard

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