I feel so lonely
I'm all by myself
No one to care for
No one to care for me

I once loved a guy
He was my prince
Nothing in this world can ever take his place
Because I love him with all my heart
And I will always love him

He is the only guy that I'll every love
The only guy I'll ever dream of
The only guy I'll ever talk to
The only guy I'll ever think about
The only guy I'll ever embrace
The only guy I'll ever love
My life will change because of this one guy I love
I will love no other

This whole world crumbles at my feet without him in my life
I have waited a long time
I have searched my whole life for him
And when I finally found him
I gave him my heart
But he took it and broke it

the pain I cannot take
It'sl like a knife in my back
The pain - it hurts
I don't wanna love another again
So I'll try to forget him

I'm not gonna love another
I'm not gonna care for another
Cuz I'm saving everything that I have for this one true love
I'll wait for you
I'll wait forever - for you only
I love you

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