Love is a strong word to use
At this point in life, don’t know if it’s true
Can’t say I’m sure I mean it
When I say I love you
Feelings for you grow strong in my heart
Still sweet as a rose, no chance to grow tart
Hearts shouldn’t break, nor should sad songs be sung
Not when love is still tender and young
For petals drop like tears
Steadily but slow
Dropping down from sorrowed eyes
To water a rose and make it grow
The rose of love shall blossom
In pain, in sorrow, in cheer
Growing stronger and stronger
While watered by my dripping tears
The petals shan’t drop anymore
Not when love is true
I hope with all of my heart
That the petals stop dropping soon
Once upon a time
I believed in miracles
Once upon a time
I belived that love would conquer all
Once upon a time
I believed, anything was possible and I believed again
The moment when
I saw you here tonight
Now once upon a time, has never felt more right
Will you be the one to stop my petals from falling?
Will you change that once upon a time into today
I had to say this straight out, no more nervous stalling
I’ve told you my doubts, dreams, and sorrows
Anything important that I could say
I know that I think I love you
But now I’ll ask you, honestly, do you think you love me too?

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