Actual Facts
Baby You Nasty
Back to Back Rhyming
Bad Mutha
Brainstorm/P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix)
Check The Method
Da Kid Himself (Interlude)
Fat For The 90's
Flip Da Style
Food For Thought
Fuck 'Em
Funky on the Fast Tip
Funky Technician
Here I Come
Hey Look at Shorty
Hip 2 Da Game
I Keep the Crowd Listening
I Like My Girls With a Boom
Isn't He Something
Just a Little Something
Keep It Flowing
Kicking Flavor With my Man
Lesson To Be Taught
No Gimmicks
O Lord
Party Over Here
Praise The Lord
Pull Ya Card
Return of The Funky Man
Return Of The Funky Man (Remix)
Return Of The Funky Man (Remix) _
Rules We Live By
Save That Shit
Set It Off Troop
Shorties Kaught In The System
Show 'em How we do Things
Slave To My Soundwave
Soul Plan
Speak Ya Peace
Stop Sweating The Next Man
Strictly For The Ladies
That's How Smooth i am
Track The Movement
True And Livin'
True And Lovin'
Underworld Operations
Ya Better Recognize
Yes You May
Yes You May (Funk Flow Mix)
You Know What I'm About
You Know What I'm About (Original Version)