I Got That Candy (that’s right)
I Got That Candy drip, drippin’ off da frame, of da frame
I Got That candy coated murder bout to dip in another flavor
For a week it's been the same color of tropical Life Savers
For 7 days I’ll strip her, now I need a different coat
To da paint shop I go, push the pedal to the floor
Burn it out, sand it down, paint it once, paint it twice
Wet sand it, paint it again, get my baby lookin’ nice
Now I bend it out, mean-muggin, 30-plus screen
24 inches under the wheel well, mother fucker I’m clean
Plush white leather seats, J-L Audio W7’s
Bangin’, knockin’ picture off the wall in homes up in heavens
Catch me in my city bustin’ donuts in the intersection
They call this slangin’ off in Texas, but a better term is flexin’
Now I’m flexin’ in the intersection, everybody see me man
Clang, clang, rims choppin’ harder than some razor blades
Memphis reppa, liquor sippa, drunk and still behind the wheel
Got a one hitta quitta, and a whole lots of steel
Frayser bound, bitch, and my rednecks spray my whip
Told em make it look delicious, make it wet, make it drift
See me from a mile away, hear me from three or four
I got King Kong in my trunk, beating up the floor
I’m flickin’, shinin’, looking good, feeling even better
Only thing can bring me half way down, is some cloudy weather
I got that candy drippin’, drippin’, lookin’ real good
A thousand flavors I can savor, almost taste as good as pussy

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