The room is spinning
And I feel dizzy like a rat trapped
On one of those things that goes round and round and round.

All I can see are neon lights
And the silhouette of man
He’s sitting to my right
His hand is on my knee
His hand is on my thigh
His hand is on my arm
His hands are covering my eyes.

The boomboom of the bass drum
Is like the thudding of my blood
It’s mixing with re wine and nicotine
It’s pumping through my heart like mud
His eyes are closed
His mouth is open
His eyes are closed
His mouth is open.

I don’t remember what he looks like
But he smells like a man and marlboro reds
His face is coming closer
His fingers on my chin
He smells like whiskey
He smells like sin.

And now it’s over
And I know exactly where I am
In a familiar bed
With a strangestrange man
I’d seen him around before
And I said
’ I’ll see you around man ’.

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