Fell it tonight
Rainin' down as cool as ice
The air that we breathe
Is all we share between us
Wearing the scars
Deep inside our desert hearts
Tell me where did it go
Why did love ever leave us
Now the memories burn in my eyes
As I remember the look of the broken hearted
Never thought I'd be one of their own

We're standin' in a shadow forever
Her shadow's in the way of our love
What should have been forgotten
Is always with us
The shadow of what was

Now I'm the one who loves you
But I know we can't hide we can't run
From the shadow she cast on the night
The shadow of love

I want to believe
Everything that I can't see
But the truth always lies
Somewhere in between us
I can't help what I feel in the night
Thoughts disturbing the sleep of our innocent lives
Will these dreams never leave us alone

I want to know I'll always be
All alone with you
I'm the only one
But long before
We ever were
You belong to her
And she still isn't gone

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