I am the ladyless lady hear my tale before you go
My sins my occupation, it's the only life I know
My home's a crowded city street
You needn't have a life
I am a friend to every man
Baby do you have some time

I am today as I have been some centuries before
A captivating dancer a temporary cure
There has to be a better way
Must passion be a crime
And man you've got a need for me
Oh, baby do you have some time

Hard metal on my flesh their name be unknown
I was sent to trial and on that I was thrown
And I remember clearly though the judge
Showed not a sign when
He had asked so graciously
Oh, baby do you have some time

And so my silent customers
I am the devil's child
That mends your lonely love life
With an hour of lust, sublime
Yes you're so weak that dare not speak
So meekly on your way
I am the lady
Oh, Baby what do you say?

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