[Promo Single]

Forgive my emotions, I can't control then tonight
It's been so wrong, now it's alright
I feel you shaking, well I'm shaking too
Just like before, it's always been you


We are playing with fire, and we both know it
No way to hold on, no way to let go
We can't let this chance go by Love is here and we are alive


Tonight it's the night and it's always alright for a fool's affair
Time after time two of a kind for a fool's affair
And when we dare to catch the wind
Love comes again for those who share a fool's affair

Feel so good together I wanna touch you again
Fill up my dreams, Let me pretend,
That we have forever, When we know it's not true
As long as I live it will always be you

(Chorus 2x)

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