Let's Straighten It Out

Sit yourself down, girl, and talk to me;
Tell me what's uh on your mind.
Don't keep on tellin?me everything's OK,
'Cause if it was, then you wouldn't be cryin?
You been tossin?and turnin?in yo?sleep lately,
Sittin?'round poutin?all day long.
Now how in the hell you expect me to understand,
When I don't even know what's wrong?

Let's straighten it out.
Let's straighten it out.
Let's straighten it out, baby,
Let's straight it out.

For the last five nights, honey, when we went to bed,
Oh, I could tell somethin?just wasn't right.
When you turned your back to me and you covered your head,
Then you didn't even say goodnight.
Now if you tired, 'n?you don't wan?be bothered baby,
Just say the word and I'll leave you 'lone.
Instead of layin?out cryin?yo?eyes out, baby,
You and me oughta be getting?it on.

Let's straighten it out?

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