From sullen skies above to the hells below
The souls of fallen men scream out you name
I have heard their silent screams wither away into nothing
Their agonies lay bare beneath a starlit sky

Her wings scarlet red, shun by man under a dying sun
Her heart once was warm is now cold
And now bestowed with burdens

The sun now weeps and shall lay his fiery kiss upon the earth for one last time
Hordes of demons now roam the earth
Beneath the stars Gaia sheds a final tear
The kings of darker lands bring forth their hosts
We pray to blackened skies, as great angels lead their steeds down
Upon a ruined earth to lay vengeance on mankind for the rape of mother earth
Only curses will leave their foul mouths
In the fields of Abaddon wolves howl at the moon
Which shines now only with malice toward mankind

The tears now shed as angelic wrath now licks the earth
Resentful screams now pierce the clouds
This once beautiful earth is now desolate
And her enemy is our lust and greed

As we crawl on forgotten lands
Our heads bow in shame
Once upon a time this land was full of light
But darkness now covers the earth
To angels of death our cries of mercy are like the cries of demons of darkness

Fallen beneath sombre skies
The world is now soaked in agony
All this has spawned from blood and greed, and corruption of humanity

Only a hell awaits
As we sit so stern and proud on our throne of decay

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