Here I lay our fate mapped out
Nothing left to salvage
Feeling the screams of the damned
I have banished myself to a living hell
The heavens weep for our crime is their failure to bear
Blood flows before the throne of heaven
The hue and cry of a fallen kingdom
Shadows cast by the eclipse of blood red moons
The ocean fills with tears of sadness
This dying light is all that's left to our embrace
Down below, our souls are shed in two
Down below, the demons praise the crimson skies
Down below, humanity weeps as it falls from grace
Holding on to what was never there
A false promise of hope
Shadows cast by this eclipse
The torment has only begun
We chose to close our eyes
Now we awaken to a crimson dawn
Adherence to this decadence, a devil born an angel
A fallen star, brings forth our end
The carcass of humanity, has been torn wide open
The demon feeds on our rotting flesh
A new dawn of crimson red
Souls lost in the seas of blood
Centuries of war in the name of progress
This is our end, an end we must now embrace

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