it started when
all was lost and we found
the wrong way out of this town
i'm out
susceptible to those lies
past that now i

have had enough
i've been let down too many times to be here now
and waste away another day
like another wasted saturday

so do i have to worry
when i'm hearing some sad story
about what you're doing with you're life now?
or should i sit and pretend
that we never really were friends?

it's over now
all's been lost when you're found
head down against the ground
i'm out
there's a reason for red swollen eyes
past that now i

at all
as i recall
that's not the way it's supposed to be
through it all
you let me down sometimes
but i never drowned youout
wacth you fall
and break down
do you
sustain now?

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