do you know how much time it took to
build the nerve to finally call you?
only to find out
that you had gone far away
there was something i held onto
you're gone so what can i do?
just to see you're face
would make it all okay

you left me last summer (i wonder)
is there something i forgot to say?
now i am left here to suffer
do you feel the same way?

and now i find out
that i can't make it here on my own
tell me when did i
lose control?
what have i done?
you can find i'll be gone for awhile

every day i would watch you walk by
and every second just seemed to fly by
lost in the thought
of you and i eternally
crushed again i start to pray
someday you will finally come back
do you realize
what you meant to me?
(gone for way to long)

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