Hellowelcome to the show thought we broke up years ago what’s upI just shit my pants gambled and I lost good timesjust blew out my knee I’ve fallen and I can’t get up oh shitI think I broke my back where’s the wheelchair? I’m old school I’m played out osteoporosisglaucoma and neurosis the vultures circling above our balding heads second versethe same as the first I forgot the words again railerlost my inhaler who’s got a smoke for the caper? hold on let me catch my breath all rightI feel better now take it to the bridge I’ll never be ozzy on stage when I’m fifty I’m gonna look like elvis by the time I’m forty we’re already bogus we’re already fading we’ll never be the rolling stones I’m staying home dementia and senility my failing muscles atrophy I’ve lost all ability falling apart blue hairbrown teeth failing liversdefeat maybe we will try to pull it off for another year

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