don't forget Barbarella's daughter
you don't have to scream to catch her attention
but listen:
you're not everybody's darling
you don't have sexappeal in the dimension of tomorrow
was it true romance in Tucson, Arizona
or was it only another idle race in the Cherrygarden
near the boulevard of ruins
the weekday icons could change into ugly gummi bears

Tu toi te catapulte toi-mкme dans le hall de la gloire
avec ou sans la fille de Barbarella

but listen:
you can only start to exile the christians next year
in the realm of the gods, charlatans and learned persons
reporters will come from there and report
the time of tenderness with Barbarella's daughter is over now
it's just the way you don't like it
doesn't matter, state the whole
number one is here and that's good for you
but in truth you will never become
the shooting-star with the tongue of Mr. Keith Richards
because you don't know the questions nor the answers
but don't care
some others will do so, too
the mystery of fame is never to be satisfied to be satisfied

tu contrфleras la vie en souriant, ou alors pas du tout,
avec ou sans la fille de Barbarella

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