-- DNA Mix -- Kylie Minogue.

___ is the bit that I can't understand, mainly because it's too fast;
Feel free to fill in the blanks for me.


Opening rap (appears on 12" of DNA Mix):
Shocked, you may hit me in the right spot;
Cold yesterday, and today I'm hot.
You came to me and I say why not, this is what I got:
Love, no condition, no ties, no ___, just be together and do our own thing,
All the good things that our love brings, ___???___.

Shocked by the power of your love.
I'm the fingers, you are the gloves; surreound me with protective love,
I can't get enought.
Take me anywhere, any all time, and I'm dreaming this is so ____.
I dedicated to you this rhym, Your Love Divine.

Rap (appears on all versions of DNA Mix, and Video):
Shocked, like a lightning from __ above,
Down from the Heaven and it gave me love.
>From a man who respects me, love my mind as well as my body.
No retreat, and no surrender, equal to you regardless of gender.
Giving me love, ___, tender, this is what I've got to tell you:
You and I are on the same mind, it seems to me that we're one of a kind.
True to say that love is blind, but then true love is so hard to find.
You respect me and the things I do, it was meant to be, I was made for you.
Open the door to my heart, it's stopped; and I'm SHOCKED!

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