Yo, now, nobody party like we party, you love to see Kronic party, that's that shit there, who should I fear?
Yo, I don't fuckin care! You like to think you my enemy, bitch you ain't shit to me, till you holy assed MC's envy me, but watch when you in you room sipping tea,
You might just spy red's dot's son you better believe.
You wanna see me out but I just won't go though,
Pretty young things wanna have my photo.
Hate school work, I burn school folders, now I'm in control, so I give orders,
I'm a hardcore player; I fucked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, A non-stop,
Make em rock poetry sayer.
I use what I find, put a beat to their rhymes,
You wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind, shit there's the pigs,
Better leave the scene of then crime.
I knock on ya door, ya bitch is like, `Oh, he ain't here`, I slit her throat I'm like,
`I know you're here`, coz the player with the most KO`s ya better get used to it coz Sensay no's
We're new to hip-hop
Summer's near get out the flip-flop's
Definitely not ready for the chop
PC Plod the coolest cop
There's only one way to stop us, what's the fuss, we're first in line at DRE's office.
Wait a sec soon I'll feel her, mad aliens with spliff's saying,
Take me to you're dealer`; check me out right now I'm a miracle healer.
Tattoo's are da bomb but only some don't get you're bitches name on you're bum,
If you have a big party you know I'll come.
California Love got a nigga gang pub wiv my ears feelin the music from the club, Phillips and Perry known as bubbly chubs.
Y`all know the rhymes are true nobody knows the West coast better than you.
The light bulbs are on electricity to I'm in love with anything I can chew, Motherfucker's at a wedding just say I do,
By the the time this song comes out I'll probably be 22,
If it comes out any later I'll wack ya with a snooker cue.
If you hoes think love you to, then you're wrong,
Nobody knows why I'm singing this song.
Just ask the people in the back streets who they chose get up and scream it coz
Sensay no's
If you're wondering who wrote the rap tunes Kronic be the way of the fumes.
At Wickies you never find the dance floor empty,
With the girls lining up with lipstick a plenty.
If you don't think we know D R Dre you go and ask him,
In the drug filled streets of LA.
All doubter's who thought we didn't know we were doing better shut ya face,
Or I'll tell Grimmy what you're chewing.
Half the days and half the nights,
Get pissed and have a fight,
All you jips who can't afford your own stuff you're just tight.
So welcome boys and girls to the wild Wild West,
Squeeze a bit of lemon it gives you zest, forget the rest.
Pimps be playin on what they can find hoes, bitches or mum's they don't mind.
This state of which we're putting down makes nigga's party while the night goes, Keep you're head down ear's up and hope
Sensay no's
(Till Fade)

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