Oooh aaah oooh aaah

And you know we're livin' every hour
As if it were the last one
Let's stand up to evil powers
In just a second we can be gone
We don't believe in superstition
When by the words we come
And there's only one conclusion
To rid the world of all the scum

Stand and be counted
Millions together as one
Stand and be counted
Back to life, livin' thru the danger zone

Some people call it revolution
While others, well they just frown
So far away in their illusion
It's our job, let's get it done
I live to taste a sense of shadow
The kind of places we all know
Let's not wait until tomorrow
Time is right we gotta go


Stand and be counted
Stand and be counted
You know you got to
Stand and be counted
Come on, come on, come on
I said stand and be counted
Alright yeah
I said stand and be counted
Come on, come on, yeah
Stand and be counted, yeah

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