J. Govaert
when the aching is over i hope we can talk again
i hope that you'll understand me
i wonder if i ever will

i'm now searching for a better way
something that makes me feel good 'bout myself
i hope someday we'll laugh about it all and then everything turns out to be alright

i wish i could tell you all
i hope that we'll both be wise, hey baby
just wish it wouldn't give this pain
and that it wasn't my fault
and that i could help you out baby
'cause i still remember everything

the clock's still ticking
your heart's still beating so there probably will be love again
but i can feel the aching don't care for what reason
but i'd rather see you smiling

i'm now searching...

i wish...

just everything and more we were
for everything and more we were

hey baby i'm not the only one that gives a damn
there are too many reasons for me to understand
but it takes us, baby, further away
i'm starting to see why

i wish...

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