At first, it was clear
It was easy to see
'Till you're cursed and reversed
And you turned it on me
Like a book, like a cover
You were easy to read
Like a clock, like a mother
You were curious and free
Starred in a movie
That was all about me
You're twisted in the end
In other far away trip
Everybody's in the castle, faster sleep
Wake up, stupid beaulty
No time to be weak
You take chances with me [3x]
You're less lealty
Underneath the covers that you wear on a sleeve
Is a time and a place
Everything that you live
Trying to be clever
Isn't pretty for me
Suffocate in lone and give me room to be
Stopped in a movie that is all about me
Deep in a picture than
Skipping a dream
I thought you said you never had the mesure for me
Get up, it's time to leave
You take chances with me [3x]
You're less lealty
(Loose your fizzy heart)
You take chances with me [2x]

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