I'm getting out
I'm leaving here
I'm kickin' right through this door
I stole your girl
Who was my girl
I always said she's a whore
Must you accelerate
From everything I hate
Now this is my kind of disaster
Break in and take what we want
And then run down liquer store
Pick up our friends
Tell them it's on
Get in
Don't ask what it's for
Sub-Woofer kickin' in
Porn on the TV screen
These spinnin' rims don't go no faster
We can drive all night
And we're not gonna stop for the pigs or no one
Just follow the light
And we're not gonna stop for the pigs or no one
We're flippin' off the people
Who dissed on our statures today
We're throwin' bricks right through their windows
And then we drive away
And break this thing around
New things are gooda found
We keep on changin' our direction
Go nots to school but judge the places that caused us hurt
We're gone
If we keep movin' foreward
Maybe we'll forget where we're from
We're gonna shake things up
We're gonna break it down
We built this car with our rejection
You can never go back not even
If you wanted to know where
You're indeed now
You've been fuckin' them real good lately
One minute you come from zero
Go now

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