"My Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven"

I can, I can call on you,
I know that you hear me
I can, I call on you
I know that you'll answer

You didnt know what to do
came home from after school
mom and dad said they were through
now pretty soon hes gonna have to move
shut the door went inside his room
lay on the floor and he cried to you
"said jesus please help me though"
right now i just feel so confused
Dont know what im supposed to do
but i need to be close to you
help me what im going through cuz I know that your hear when I call on you
everythings just falling through
but aint nothin' to hard for you
so please come when I call to you
cuz all that I have is all in you and thats why...

Chorus 2X

She didnt know what to say
she got the phone call and it was late
it was a hit and run just on the freeway
and her son got hurt and was in bad shape
tears ran down her face
as the mom began to race
didnt know what to do what move to make so she called out to you and she began to pray
" Jesus, she began to say
I need you in a major way
my son my die today
im so confused please provide a way
please now just give me strength
please now just help me face
everything that a..bout to come my way
in you I trust I put my faith thats why..." (Thats Why)

Chorus 2X

So what I want to say tonight
anything thats faced in life
when your mind is filled with strife
you can always find your strength in Christ
Even times when the money is tight
Even times when nothin' is right
dont worry 'bout nothin' in life
call on him thats my advice thats why, thats why, thats why...



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