Verse: I look in your eyes I know your fight I feel your trouble waiting in line praying this time life won't pass you by in the news another one dies tell what do you do negativity pulling me down I can't stay down I wish I could make go away wish I could find the right words to say I'm calling you please Jesus I need to hear a word from you I gotta know that there's more to this life than what I can see and wanna feel how it feels to know real love and see me happy have a faith that can say to a storm you're temporary I wanna be free if you wanna be free
Chorus: (Keep you head to the sky) I'm keeping my eyes on you you gotta come through cause you promised me (Keep you head to the sky) can hardly wait till you come cause you're the one my heart's created for
Breakdown: Clap your hands ya'll all my people can clap you hands let me hear you say if you know that things have gotta change say that nothing grows without a little rain say that know matter what they tell ya God is waiting and he's listening don't look back cause it gets better say if you're blessed to have healthy kids say if you're bless to have a place to live say stop chasin after everything you see might not have everything you want buy you have everything you need

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