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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 13:27:52 -0500
From: TitanObel
Subject: k/king_crimson/fracture.tab
Artist: King Crimson
Album: Starless and bible black
Songname: FRACTURE
King Crimson
(guitar part by Robert Fripp)
(guitar tab)
transcribed by Torsten Lasse ("Titan Obel")
contact: [email protected]

This file contains the transcribtion of the background guitar part in the middle
of King Crimsonґs masterpiece "Fracture" which you can find at the Album "Star-
less and bible black". This guitar part is very hard to listen out because of
itґs incredible speed and itґs comparable low volume.
Robert Fripp plays this part with an electric guitar and without any effects.
Iґve transcribe this part for a normal guitar tuning (EADGHE) but I think Fripp
used his "own" special tuning (fifth tuning). The basic scale is the HTGT-Scale.
Perhabs I will complete this version with the full guitar tab notation (and all
variations) in a few years...
Iґve transcribed it as an 16/8 bar and all notes have the same length (1/16).
The speed is very high (listen to the original record) !!
Fripp plays this scheme in different pitches starting with the part which I de-
scribed above.
For orientation I call this part by the first tone: g (marked with a ґxґ).
He plays that part 2 times before moving to the next part.
Next I give you other positions in which he plays this part. The given tone re-
presents the first tone of the new position (comparable with the marked note ab-
D-String; fret 5 (g)
D-String; fret 7 (a)
G-String; fret 6 (#c)
G-String; fret 8 (#d)
You should listen to the original recording (or try to find a midi-file) to
realise it and build in variations.
File created by Torsten Lasse, March 2000
Original-File name: kingcrimson-fracture ((Version 1))
For further information or details contact: [email protected]
If you have transcribed other parts please contact me...

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