Lost in the night, out on the streets and blown into the wind.
She was just heading for trouble when they got her downstairs.

Cut by the lights, strands of her hair just tumble from her cheeks.
She's just another caucasion in a crime worn day.

A. Inside her heart was breaking.
No-one knew what she'd been trough.
Inside her mind's escaping.
To a world that no-one knew. [End of A.]

Lost in the night, sombody said go easy on the girl.
You'll never get a confession if you treat her that way.
Two pairs of eyes shout at her face, and late into the night.
They heard a softer whisper saying "Let me go".

[Repeat A.]

B. Wendy Sadd has flown away.
Wendy found her freedom.
No-one else could follow there,
not inside the world of Wendy Sadd. [End of B.]

Somebody shouts, something is wrong and panick hits the room.
They said she looked at the ceiling and the lights went out.
Clutched in her hand, all they could find was a letter that she'd wrote.
It said try and forgive them for what they've done.

[Repeat A.]
[Repeat B two times repeating "Wendy Sadd" at the end.]

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