Shadows run in the heat of the desert, hands beat at the door.
Someone stands and calls for the name of Salome.

As the veils were pushed away, he gazed upon a face he'd never seen.
Was she a dream?

A. He heard the sound from a distance voice.
R. You'd better watch out! (2)
He heard the sound from a thousand years.
R. Calling out. (2)

In the house of Salome. [End of A.]

You have to surrender.

"Run with her!", said the young handmaiden.
"She will be your queen."
All your life you'll live in the dream of Salome.

Take her mouth and with your hands, just kiss her painted lips.
Don't you make a move 'till Salome calls you.

As the music danced around the desert night.
He smelt her perfumed skin... as they made love.

[Repeat A.]

You have to surrender.

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