Now I’m sheddin’ my skin
Ya gotta listen to me
I’ll tell ya what I seenever belive what you read
This shit is spreadin’ like a disease
Never feel withdrawntime to move onget your groove on
Say goodbyeeverything must diesolidify
And fly to a new level
A place where love is unconditionalphysical
And non-denomanitional

Like a snakeshed my skinleave my past where I’ve been...
Can you feel what I feel?
To hold on must be killeddon’t cry over what’s been spilled
Can you feel what I feel?

See the kid rock pumpin’ up a’ down your block with no cares
Long hairswingin’ middle fingers in the air
People stare and pointI hit the joint and laugh
Kiss my ass!
The past is more than 10 years I’ve grown from a complete unknown
Into the high zonemillion dollar home and a diamond ring
Never thought I’d a mount to a damn thing
I’m the mansingin’ like curtis may
Mack on homies like ruby day
It’s been a long time comin’but you know what’s happened
Straight pimpin’ and sittin’ five times platinum..

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