it's wartime you niggas then mess up cause nigga it's wartime 2x

in the battle feild i have to kill this ain't a alert so don't call it a drill here
gaks in the back nigga rata tat tat bust in yo heart and make it go splat
knock on tha doe till a nigga want war come on outside and get treated like a
hoe (please don't cut me) bitch shut up and flow I tod you before that I ain't
know hoe nigga want to test me a nigga want to arrest me and whop me with
a chain an yell who the best khi but I don't play shit get the mudafuckin click-clak
and zip take yo own chain give yo ass a own whip wartime nigga so don't you slip
I like a lead pipe accept I walk with a drip wartime nigga don't test my flow treat cha like
trick have yo ass blow danger nigga that's what cha gon fear spreading like
a bug in tha fuckin new year (hot) is the sound that a nigga must fear cuttin niggas up make'em
wish he had no fear so put me in the zone like mudafuckin bone 5x I'm crustin
yo dome chillin on tha set want war what ya bet make one move I'm a snap yo neck

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