*sound effects from background*

Khia:Damn, this gotta be Taz. Shit.
Khia (*Answers Phone*)-Hello.
Taz from DSD-Why bitch u, who the f**k u think this is, Taz, nigga! I'm on my
way to cum to get u to go to the club.
Khia:What u talkin' about? I ain't goin' to no club, this nigga's payin' my
damn bills, yo!
Taz from DSD:Why bitch u, I got dem acts, I got da CD, hoe, u better come wit
me to da damn club, Dirty South Taz. I'm coming up, I'ma holla at u, girl.
Khia-Alright, mean girl.
Taz from DSD-Alright.

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