Now I don't have to question
where u were last night
cuz I already know what u will say
I already know ur lie
But I can't be mad at ya
cuz there's something that u don't know
that when u r gone I do my own thing
and I catch a boat while ur doggin me
(CHORUS)When ur out in the club
don't think i'm not
even when ur out makin love
don't think I'm not
when ur feelin good
is somebody's spot gettin hot don't stop
just don't think I'm not
cuz I'm out gettin mine
When I try to get ur attention
u ignore me everytime
u were so caught up doin ur dirt that
u didn't notice mine
well I couldn't put up with ur schemin
and I couldn't out up with ur lies
they say 2 wrongs won't make it right
but it's suitin me just fi-yi-yi-iy-ine
Don't be surprised to know that
sometimes women play the field
u may not believe it but it's real
the game is so real
soooo real
so real
oh don't think we won't do it
when ur out in the club

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