I saw your car today it looked like it anyway
Those foreign makes all look the same
It took me way back to that time when I watched you
Slam the door and drive away
Ever since that night I just can't shake your memory
It's everywhere I go and every thing I see
It's all over town tryin' to track me down
Making sure that your old flame stays lit
Just like a blue tick hound dogging me around
You've got a mem'ry just won't quit
[ guitar ]
I've been out a time or two but what's a man to do
When your mem'ry tags along
I tried to give it the slip I got out in front of it
But somehow it always beats me home
It always seems to hunt me down and chase me up a tree
No matter what I just can't lose your memory
It's all over town...
Just like a blue tick hound

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