Take a gun out of the closet, put it on next while aboard it
Come stand in front of me and let me see
Take a one smile that you wear and place it on these lips that´s burning
To share this fire you´ve built inside of me.

Turn the light down in the bedroom, put the sheet down from the pillow
When we´re like this love´s easy understood
Let´s walk through this house we live in to the room we always love it
And let´s love eachother while the feeling´s good.

With all my will I promise, with all of me I love you
This feeling that I got just grows and grows
I can´t stop disapponting you, I can´t stop my need in you
No more than I can stop the wind that blows.

About to hold your sweet loving
As long as we both have this feeling
I love you every way
I know that´s good.

Let´s walk through …

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