Real love
Duet with dolly parton
Richard “spadybrannon
David malloy
They say that it’s a matter of trusting before love has a chance to begin
And it’s never simplefaithless hearts can cripple
And only a strong love survives
I know they say that it’s a fine line between giving up and giving in
But once your heart’s been in it you just can’t forget it
It’s like nothing that you’ve felt in your life
We got real lovenot infatuation
Real loveour hearts’ celebration
I love you
Real lovenot an imitation
Real loveyou’re my destination
Babyyou and mewe got everything we need
You are such a part of my life that I can’t remember me without you
And we’ve had our nightswe’ve had our share of fights
But we’ve never thought of giving it up
Ohyou and I we must be dreamers
’cause we’re making our dreams come true
I could spend my life just holding you so tight
And neverever get enough
Repeat chorus
We got real love
Repeat chorus

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