Let the pendulum swing.
Let the old guard surrender
It is a new daya new world
A new language I wish to speak
The language of love
May I have the words I need to speak my truth
To translate my heart and my vision
To my beloved and his children
To all who come to sit at our table
Or walk with us through the market place
Or pray with us by the water

May I have the plain poetry to tell them how I feel
Or why there is pain
If the answers are mine to know.
And if they areI ask the spirit to let me share them
With a light heartwith laughter
Wth no expectationwith humility
But for the grace of theego i.
May I know my innocence
Every moment of every day
May I be a child forever
Intoxicated by hot sandcool windsby love
By my own communication to the spirit.
May my aliveness always be as loud
When I make loveas when I cry
May I see my own reflection in the mirror
And smile

My love
You are my teacher
And I surrender to your heart
The purest heart I’ve ever seen
Today I give you everything that is mine to give
My truth
All my innocence
And all my heart
I am yours
Let the dance begin.
- julia

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