If there ever was a perfect night, this just might be the one
For telling you the way I feel and just how real we've become
If I'm anxious and a little uptight
It's because I want to ask you this right

If I never stop loving you
Will you never start wanting me too
Say what you want and that's what I'll do
Oh forever with a heart so true
We will start and then every day
Forever never wanting you to go away
All I'll ever want to always do
Is never stop loving you

Please for give me, I'm a little bit nervous
I really rehearsed what to say
It's funny, in front of the mirror my words sounded clearer today
In my heart I've got it straight in my head
I mean everything I think I just said

(Repeat chorus)

Even tough it isn't what I had planned
I really think you understand

(Repeat chorus)

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