I had a $100 ring in my hand,
So weak and tired,
I can bearly stand,
From being up all night,
Prayin' she'd say yes.
So with a hopefull heart,
I hit one knee,
With a tear in her eye,
She looked at me,
It was the moment of truth,
I was scared to death.
My life hung on what that tear meant,
Then she smiled at me,
And I lost it.

No one can make me cry,
Make me laugh,
Make me smile,
Or drive me mad,
Like she does.
It's like a curse,
That is the cure,
Better or worse,
One things for sure,
It's real love,
And I don't know what I'd do,
If I lost it.

Well the honeymoon ended,
And life began,
Jobs and bills,
Losing touch with friends,
And the apartment
Got smaller every day.
Then one night,

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