(Nigel Kennedy/David Bottril/Doug Boyle/Caroline Lavelle)
It had seemed a good idea
But on reflection she had
Lost her passing days in the tears
Covered up and kept it to herself
Take the knocks and never tell
Everyone had known
But it wasn't done to come between
A man and wife oh
Back in those days we crave
I'll be gone
And you will forget
Only the record in stone
Will speak for me yet
The floors creak
To unseen feet
She is here again
Words from no human voice
Circle my throat
Invade the silence
And catch my hands
I'll be gone
And you will forget
Unseen I'll be there
When it's quiet
And you're alone
The house will start to talk to you
It can tell
Through it's old bones
The memories of long ago
Alive in stone

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