Featuring JD Da Brat
Uh uh uh
So So Def
Crossed us you know not
So So Def
It's a full time get dope spot
Full time dough spot it ain't gon' stop
Keepin' the flow locked
Keepin' the flow locked yeah yeah

[Kelly Price]
I got a secret in my heart
And baby it's tearin' me apart (yeah)
Cuz I want the world to understand
That I love you and you are my man
Baby, we know that we belong
A love that's real just can't be wrong
Can't keep it inside for very long
This love is too strong
So, when you're not here, I got (yeah, yeah)
I got a secret that I want you to know, baby (c'mon)

I can't hide what I'm feelin' inside
Boy, it's killing me, baby
So, why can't they see that I
I can't hide what I'm feelin' inside
Everyone should know
So, just let it show, baby

Boy, I feel it's time to let it go (uh huh)
You stayed on the hush, we can't belong (yeah, yeah, yeah)
But I need to let my feelings show

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