[Aaron Hall]
When peeps give you love
There's nothing in this world
That could set you free yeah
Feel me? (Def Soul)
Yo G

[Case] (Sisqo)
Here I am all alone
Can't let you get the best of me
(Gotta let you know love sets you free)

[Montell Jordan]
And these walls closing in
Closing in slowly yeah

But ain't no way they can hold me down
I won't allow it
Cause I believe, yeah

[Montell, Case, Babyface, Dru Hill]
I believe that love
Love sets you free
And it will take you higher, higher
If you believe, oh yeah
Kelly do you know?

[Kelly Price]
Do you know what it's like
When shackles are on your feet
You're facing a hurricane
One more chapter in your journey, yeah
Break through darkness in my life
Like sunshine (Yeah)
Now I believe
(I believe baby)
Now I believe that love (yeah)

[Kelly, Tamar, Lov Her, Kandice]
Love will set you free
I know it's gonna take you higher
If you believe
You just believe
And you will receive

[Kandice Love]
I opened up with my heart
There was no doubt
That hatred pulls you in
And love pulls you out
If you believe in faith you will never fall
Love will take you higher than any wall

Love will set you free
(If you believe in love)
(It will take you higher)
If you just believe
(And higher, oh love, love, love, love, love)
Set you free

Love (Believe it)
Sets you free (Love will set you free)
Higher (We're gonna take you higher, yeah yeah)
Just believe (Love will, oh oh yeah)
If you just believe

(Ad lib while:)
Only love can set you free
Love will be everything you need
A little faith, charity
If you just believe

Open up, let it in
It will change everything, really
Love is life, love is free

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