I??™ve got heaven??™s best!
See i used to do wrong, but now i do right!
I??™ve??¦..i??™ve got heaven??™s best!
Vs i
I still remember being young
When living saved it was??™nt any fun
People judged the way that you looked
But that wasn??™t in the book
The bible was a big book of rules
Living for god i thought it wasn??™t cool
Studied what his word said to me
Than i found my liberty
He saved my soul when i
(when i told him yes)
Then gave me heaven??™s best
(gave me heaven??™s best)
Now i live my life blessed
(i live my life blessed)
God gave me love and happiness
(love and happiness)
Religion??™s getting thrown out the door
Cause religion aint workin anymore
See i learned another way
It aint like your granny says
Im livin??™ the best life there is
With jesus christ ive got relationship
Happiness on earth and then
Eternity spent with him

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