Vs i (kp)
Can i share my story
About my journey
Ups and downs i??™ve had plenty
Looking for love in al the wrong places
But i found nothing to fill my empty spaces
I looked for mother she wasn??™t there
No father around to care
Sisters and brothers were not around
And my friends no where to be found
But when i called jesus
He was right there
To hear my cry
And answer my prayer
The lord is so faithful
He??™s been better to me
Then i been to myself
Vs ii
The dr told me
Twas nothing he could do
He shook his head
And he left the room
Then i remembered
Your words i read
In the holy scriptures
Where it said
That you were wounded for my transgressions
You were bruised for my iniquities
By your stripes i??™m already healed
So right then i dropped to my knees
And i called jesus
He was right there
He heard my cry
He answered my prayer
He is faithful
He??™s been better to me
Than i been to myself
God is faithful
Yes he??™s faithful
And if he said it
It will come to pass
God is faithful
Oh yes he??™s faithful
If he said it
I believe it
I don??™t doubt it
I receive it!
God is faithful, yes he??™s faithful
The lord is faithful
My god is faithful, my god is faithful mmmm

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