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'til A Tear Becomes A Rose
Daddy Loved Trains
Day In The Life Of A Fool
Don't Close Your Eyes
Dont Close Your Eyes (с табами)
Hard Act To Follow
Honky Tonk Heart
I Never Go Around Mirrors
I Wonder Do You Think Of Me
I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio
I'm No Stranger To The Rain
I'm Over You
If A Broken Heart Could Kill
Im no Stranger (с табами)
It Ain't Nothin'
It's All Coming Back To Me Now
Miami, My Amy
Talk To Me Texas
Tell Lorrie I Love Her
Tell Lorrie i Love Her (с табами)
Ten Feet Away (с табами)
Ten Feet Away
Turn Me To Love
When You Say Nothing at All (с табами)
When You Say Nothing At All
Wherever You Are Tonight
Would These Arms Be In Your Way
You Say Nothing at All (с табами)