(Keith Urban)

It's six Monday morning, she's back into her routine
Kicks off the covers and thinks about last night's dream
Shower and coffee, she heads for the train
Thinkin' how every day's the same
There's gotta be more than life of her own
All that she wants is a man to come home too

She's lookin' for someone to love her
And stay forever true
Just somebody who she can believe in
And say they need her too
She's lookin' for somebody to hold her
Until the light of day
Someone she can make future plans with
And know he's here to stay

Late in the evening she is dreamin' in black and white
An old love story she wishes portrayed her life
No one would know what goes on her mind
Thinkin' it's only a matter of time
Till someday she finds what she's lookin' for
And her ship'll come sailin' into her shore


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