(chorus) just because you came here
doesnt mean that you can stay
just because you woke up this mornin'
doesnt mean you can stay awake

yo the streets is hungry (word)
its time to eat most definitely
grab ya plate
get ya knifes and ya forks yea
Keith Murray Get ready

yo as i look out at the high rise
and right about my life into the sunrise
lookin at the smoke where the twin towers stood
40 blocks away 40 stories high i could see it good
but we been at war and under attack
we got P.O.W.s fightin to get back (in jail)
and these affected by the poverty war
we pack gats frontline and will endure
i go to bed with god and wake up with the devil
in a battle i blacked out and beat a man with a shovel
its obligatory that you hear my side of the story
he had the face a fearshaken like a leaf on a tree
you just another potential casualty
this is a walk n corpse song and the beat is your conspiracy theory
and the time is getting more scary
so pack when neccessary and say your L.O.D. Hail Marys
(chorus x 2)
verse 2
yo im eye of a tiger inside the head of a liar
give 'em pure hell brimstone and fire
this is MC canniballism by connoisseur
from the lyrical lexicon metador of metaphor
yo from the little voice in my conscience
i might just leave your fuckin ass unconscience
yea i seen you wit with that smirk on
you little fuckin clown i turn that smile into an upside down frown
produce chaos in the culture of the enemy
you will never posses the skills to defeat me
i be the all eye seein you hear it sporadic
i rhyme at will be on your ass automatic
with thoughts of power i rain thunder showers
i eat alot of brain food and you'll get devoured
man hunt chase of the night stalker off da leash walker
my dog is a fire barker
(chorus x 2)
verse 3
yo from the instinctual coming of the insect
to the mind of a genius and the heart of a prophet
to them bootlegged niggas and the chicks that cop it
ask anyone they know how the fuck drop it
n coastin constant motion essential
with futition nuclear potential
you hear a cold whisper you see da mask of a phantom acts wailin
deranged assailant
i tame the rage, isolate,chase and kill my prey
walk the lion outta da cage
and thats a part of life or should i say death
reach in your mouth snatch out ya very last breath
searchin my subconscience for the meaning
im sweatin blood bullets cause my whole world is bleedin
Ooooo now check how i come at you
i will eat you defeat you i'm parasitical
(chorus x 4)
theres no where you can run
no way to hide
the world is a cage and we all locked inside
so you might as well fight to survive
yea yea

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