I left jerusalemlast week for jericho
In the afternoonthe sun was getting low
And then the bushes shookand out they came at me
They were robbing half nakedwhile they beat me head to toe
And they left me on the road to jericho.
Lying almost slainand wounded by the road
Crying out in pain for a sympathetic soul
First a priestand another of my kind
Well they were men I could have trustedbut they left me deaf and blind
They were strangers on the road to jericho.
Through the blood and tearsI saw a worried face
He was from samariamy people hate his race
He bandaged up my wounds and laid me on his horse
Although my memory is cloudyI still can feel his friendly flow
Such a kind man on the road to jericho.
When I later asked the innkeeper the man’s name he did not know
Just a neighbor on the road to jericho.

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